Look Great Naturally... without ditching the lipstick. By Janey Lee Grace.

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 Well this is a book and a half! When I received it in the post I was excited to say the least. Having read a large amount on living naturally after the cancer diagnosis, I always thought I had a fair idea about avoiding parabens and chemicals and finding natural alternatives. How wrong I was. I had no idea really. Then this book turns up. At first I thought it must be full of lovely pictures, but no it's all words!!! Then suddenly I was thinking - am I really going to read and review all of this?

Well yes actually I am. 

I started reading it and then I just couldn't stop. Trying to remember all the information, ideas, and pro-active healthy lifestyle elements I could be introducing to my world started to drive me a bit mad, so I decided to approach it another way. To dip in dip out. It's a dip in dip out book. The book covers all aspects of your life. Think about what you want a natural alternative for, or more information on, pick the chapter, then read. You will end up reading the whole chapter and more, but it's definitely the way to go.

I decided to work on different topics each day - of which there are many - one thing from each chapter and have a go at using it /making it and seeing how I got on.

So I started on skin care. I work as an osteopath, my hands get dreadfully dry and my skin is really sensitive. I need a hand cream/moisturiser/exfoliator so I opted for coconut oil. Yes! So simple. I've been cooking with coconut oil for years but never thought to use it for anything else. It's the best and easiest idea ever. 

Then I flicked to the 'Janey's guide to Alcohol' and I laughed out loud. The first sentence said "There will be many a girl who will have turned straight to this chapter." I turned there second so not far off! I am not a huge drinker by some peoples standards, I rarely drink at home unless it's with a Sunday roast. I only really go out on the weekends and 4 glasses of wine is about my limit. I do however have a nagging feeling I am missing out if others have a glass of wine in their hands and I don't. Having read this chapter I can honestly say I've decided to have a good couple of weeks off. It's the ageing and dehydrating factors that convinced me, and also someone else telling me that it's OK to not drink. Something that you never seem to hear from your friends! 

Next is Hair. With thin limp locks anyway, adding tamoxifen on top doesn't help. The effects of the drug thins it more and I just can't get it to shine like it used too. This time I went for the coconut oil and olive oil combination conditioner. It was messy!! My coconut oil was half solidified half liquid, and as I was putting it on I seemed to be flinging in it everywhere. But I did it. Left it on for about 15 mins, shampooed it a couple of times, and hey presto!! Gorgeous soft, full hair. Honestly I was totally shocked. Not that I didn't think it would work but just that it would work that well. I am a convert. definitely at least once a week. 

One of my favourite chapters is the one on abundance. My motto in life since having breast cancer is "it's all about being happy in yourself"  this chapter embodies this sentiment by giving suggestions as to how you can help manifest your dreams into reality. To bring to your world the elements you desire.

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